Your Scent Makes Me Sick

Have you ever been caught in a small space with someone who has bathed in perfume?

Or even walked in to someone’s home and was hit with a wave of fragrance that could be compared with a nuclear bomb’s shock wave?

Or have you ever agreed to ride with a friend and upon entering their vehicle you notice the multiple fragrant air fresheners hanging on every possible spot?

If you’re like me, after these encounters, you feel sick to your stomach. Your stomach begins to churn. Bile begins to raise in your throat as an instant headache floods over you. You can feel your nose and throat begin to close-up like someone is holding a pillow over your face. Your body becomes weak as you begin to panic (Which doesn’t work well when you’re trying to hold your breath!).

These are just a handful of things that can happen when we encounter artificial or synthetic scents. It is our body signaling to our brain that this stuff is TOXIC!

Some of our bodies have been numbed by fake smells because more than 95% of all mass-produced hair products, body products, perfumes, candles, air freshers, dryer sheets, detergents, garbage bags, etc. are laced with synthetic fragrance. It is actually hard to find any personal product that doesn’t include fragrance.

What’s the problem?

95% of synthetic fragrances are derived from petroleum which includes a long list of toxic chemicals linked to cancer, autism, allergies, hormone defects, and many more illness.

The fact that fake smells negatively affect our hormones alone should be sending up red flags in your brain. You know that cheap perfume you put on for your SO (significant other) to make them go nuts for you? Well, it could LITERALLY be making them lose their mind.

Hormones are linked to moods, metabolism, behavior, among other things. When you disrupt them with fake smells, it can do the reverse of what you really want them to do.

Companies aren’t required to disclose everything in their product, so they slap the word “fragrance” or “Parfum” on the ingredient list. But that could really stand for literally at least 3,000 different chemicals.

Do the companies care if the ingredients cause serious illnesses? No. They use synthetic fragrances because they are cheap! They don’t care about your health.

How do fragrances work?

When you breathe in a scent, the airborne molecules travel up the nostrils to the center of the olfactory. Then receptors are triggered and sends an impulse to the olfactory bulb which allows us to perceive many different smells… Like BACON! Or flowers. Or the ocean.

The bulb then fires that information all over the brain and that affects our moods, our memories, our blood pressure, and our hormones.

The influence of aroma is so powerful that it affects everything from your emotional state to your lifespan.

Our ancestors evolved with a very keen sense of smell. Smelling natural fragrances are baked into our DNA. It’s how we found food and how we sought out potential makes with pheromones. We even use it to increase our libido!

Good News = There’s Better Options

The thing with living a clean, sustainable life is that being clean and using CLEAN HEALTH products is just as important as being sustainable.

What should we use instead of cheap/fake fragrances that do more harm than good?

  1. Just live with fewer fragrances.

  2. Focus on cleaning up the sources of unpleasant odors.

  3. Completely avoid products that lists fragrance or parfum on their ingredient list.

  4. Use fresh cut herbs or flowers for natural scents.

  5. Use essential oils as perfume, in soaps, in lotions, in cleaners, in candles, etc. Or buy products that use essential oils for natural fragrance.

Remember to only buy high quality, 100% pure essential oils. They won’t be cheap like synthetic scents and they won’t all be the same price. Essential oils are extremely concentrated.

It takes 1,000 pounds of handpicked flowers from an orange tree to produce Neroli Essential Oil. That is one it is expensive. Someone had to literally take time to grow orange trees, pick the flowers, and then press the oils out of them. The process takes time, money, and effort.

Neroli essential oil is just one of many awesome natural scent when it comes to natural fragrances.

Our Experience

Justin and I have been cleaning up our personal products for almost a full year.

Now whenever I get a big whiff of synthetic scents, I become sick, nauseous, and want to barf. It wasn’t until I ditched all the fake smells did I realize the effect they possessed over me.

Thank you, Young Living Essential Oils! I can actually live, be happy, and feel amazing now!

End Note

My advice to you is for this coming “holiday” (Valentines Day) skip all the fake/cheap smells, and actually spend a little time and money on your love life. Show your SO that you actually care about your health and their health.

Check out this FREE class about using Essential Oils with Intimacy. All you need to do is sign-up for Cut Fluff Academy and BAM! Instant Access to all the class.

Have a beautiful day smelling around!

Thanks for reading. Take care of yourself.




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