How to do a Clean, Sustainable Summer Picnic

Today, I’m going to chat about how to create a clean, sustainable summer picnic for you, your friends, and your family. The video is fun and light because it’s summer and we all need some relaxing. Let’s go on a picnic together!

The first thing we are going to focus on are the supplies needed for an epic picnic. To make this meal sustainable, we are going to need reusable and durable containers, plates, cups, and utensils. So, no plastic or paper. And yes, I did say paper, so that means no paper napkins or paper towels either. Instead, we are going to pack cloth napkins and regular towels. (GASP)

We’re also going to bring a blanket to sit on so we can have a little more comfortable atmosphere and slight barrier from the outdoors. The last supplies we need will be this lunch bag and this cloth bag to easily transport everything to the picnic location. Using these supplies will decrease our waste production incredibly, and we will not need to locate a trash afterward. Which makes the whole experience even better because trash is gross and attracts flies and other creepy crawlies. Ew. Gross. No.

Okay, now that we have our supplies ready, let’s move on to what we need to bring to have a clean, sustainable lunch. We’re talking food. “Clean” eating looks different for everyone, but the basics are simple. Diets primary consisting of plant-based whole foods is an excellent place to start. Plant-based diets are proven to be better for our health and are also more sustainable for the planet. You can look that up.

While thinking about what to pack for our picnic, let’s try to avoid:

  • Foods with added sugar and salt

  • Heavily fried foods

  • Foods with preservations besides vinegar, lemon, garlic, or salt

  • Foods with artificial flavors and dyes

  • Ultra-processed foods, like cookies, cakes, chips

  • And foods with long chemical words in their ingredient list

Lucky for us and our clean, sustainable picnic, most of those foods are wrapped in plastic, so it’s a no, no anyway.

What can we bring to eat? Well, the list is very open. We should say yes to:

  • Whole vegetables and fruits

  • Whole grains

  • Whole nuts and seeds

  • Foods that come in a can or glass containers

  • Bulk foods

  • Local dairy and meats

  • And Homegrown or homemade foods

For our picnic, we want food that we can easily be eaten with our fingers or with a fork and will not be messy. To do this, we need to prep the food and ready it in the to-go containers.

Our lunch is going to be full of fruit, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and local cheese.

The first thing we are going to cut-up and pack is some watermelon. I choose watermelon for our picnic because it’s delicious and juicy, but you could really bring any fruit you wish. If it’s big, like watermelon or a pineapple, I recommend cutting it first though.

Next, we are going to shave and cut some carrots, sweet peppers, and cucumber. Here again, you could really do any vegetables you want, maybe even some cherry tomatoes or celery. Ew... on second thought, don’t do celery. It’s gross. Well, that’s just what I think anyway.. whatever.

Now that we have the fruits and vegetables taken care of, let's move on to the fats and whole grains. I’m going to pack some of these Light Rye Crispbread crackers that are 100% whole grain. With these, you could pack some homemade nut butter to spread on them, but we are going to go with avocado. With the avocado, I’m going to cut it up, add some seasoning, and a little bit of lime juice so it doesn’t turn brown. We will spread this on the crackers instead of nut butter. But that would be delicious too.

The last component of our lunch will be some local cheese. The cheese will be crumbled on top of the avocado cracker. And as a surprise, a little bit of organic chocolate. (Clap, clap, clap) YES!

We also need something fun to drink! So, let’s make some strawberry water to go. My husband and I picked these strawberries from a local strawberry patch. We picked 12 lbs! So, I froze some, and it works perfectly in this situation. Let’s add some of these strawberries to this quart jar, fill it up with water, put the lid the on, and SHAKE! Bam. Strawberry water for the picnic. If you have more than two people, bring extra of everything.

Let’s pack everything up and go have a picnic.

Thank you so much for joining me today and learning how to create a clean, sustainable picnic. One last tip, I suggest bringing some sun and bug protection. Like a hat and some bug spray. These will help make the whole picnic even more enjoyable. Now, get on out there in nature and have a summer picnic while the beautiful weather lasts.

Take care of yourself!


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