3 Sustainable Metal Items I Use Daily

Today, I’m going to talk about 3 metal items that I use on a daily basis to be more sustainable and lower my environmental footprint.

A clean, sustainable life is all about living a clean healthy life while lowering our impact on the world. We, humans, can be very destructive with the various things we purchase for simple daily tasks or for enjoyment. Now, the three items I have to show you today are “extra”. Meaning I don’t necessarily NEED these things to live life. But they do bring joy and happiness to my life in different ways.

Let’s cut the fluff and get started.

The first item I have for you is my metal French press. This is by far the most used items I have. I have had this for about 5 years and use it multiple times throughout the day. I use it to steep coffee and loose-leaf tea. I don’t think I could live without this beautiful thing. Plus, it is insulated which keeps my beverages nice and hot.

There are many other types of French presses out there, like glass and plastic ones. They may perform the same way and give you rich filtered hot beverages, but I cannot stress enough how much happier I am with this one. When plastic gets hot it tends to start leaching microplastic into your drink and can get brittle and bust. Not good.

Now, I’ve also have had quite a few glass French presses, but because I’m a butterfingers and like to drop everything, I have broken my fair share of glass French presses, which then renders that whole thing useless and has to be thrown away. This metal French press I have now is durable and high-quality. It was worth every cent my mom paid for it as a Christmas gift to me. It has been the best most used Christmas gift ever. Thanks, mom!

Moving on to the next item which is my stainless steel double-edged razor. I have been using this for about a year now. This is another amazing decision I have made. I keep it in the shower to make it easily accessible when I need to shave my legs and my pits. Were all grown up here and having smooth skin in those places makes me happy. Having this razor allows me to have smooth skin without being wasteful. I don’t go buy plastic worthless and sometimes really expensive razors anymore. And it feels amazing because that all adds up over time. And I’m talking about the waste disposable razors make during production and post-consumer use and also all the money spent on those razors.

The blades of a razor like this are sharper than your average disposable razors and can create a cleaner cut. They last longer and create little waste. Unfortunately, the blades cannot be recycled, but if you wrap them in a thick paper, you can throw them in the trash. My husband also 3D printed me this slick cap to make traveling easier. If you own or purchase the same razor I have, we’ll print and send you a cap too! I have linked the razor in the video description. If you purchase one or want a cap, send me a name and address to my email. No change.

Alright, and the last item I have to show you is my metal straw. Now, this metal item is a lot of “extra”. But it makes me quite happy. Before I got these straws 9 months ago, I never used a straw at home. But when I started this journey to be clean as well as sustainable, it brought on a lot more water drinking.

Before I used this jar to drink water, I used my Nalgene bottle. But then I wanted to put essential oils in my water to make it flavored. Essential oils can corrode plastic, so I had to make the switch to glass. But because I’m a butterfingers and also a cluts, I always seem to spill whatever I’m drinking all over myself. Enter this amazing straw that can be used a million times and always look badass. This easily another sustainable item that I would recommend to anyone who uses straws. They are also super easy to clean and travel with. And they aren’t that expensive and can last a long time. Go metal straws.

I have linked these three metal sustainable items that I use daily down below in the video description. Let me know if you want a razor cap. Thanks for reading and cutting the fluff with me today. I hope to see you next time and have a beautiful day.

Take care of yourself.


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