5 questions to ask while shopping for gifts

We have now entered into the season of gift giving and so today, I’m going to go over the five questions you should ask yourself when shopping for gifts. Karen is going to help me out today with the questions.

1. Will they use it?

It can be tempting to shower friends and family with many gifts during this season, rather than giving a few intentional or thoughtful gifts. I get it. Opening gits can be fun, so more the merrier, right? Sadly, when you choose quantity over quality, those gifts are likely to break, get lost, or sit unused in the drawer over the next year.

Instead, choose to give fewer gives and choose wisely. Search for a gift that they’ll actually use, rather than a bunch of items that may be fun at the moment, but don’t add any true value to their lives.

Quick fact: More than $9.5 billion is estimated to be wasted on unwanted gifts each year! So, don’t be pulled into that nonsense. Save your money.

2. What is it made out of?

This year, try to avoid synthetic clothing like polyester, chemical-heavy candles or lotions, and single-use or cheap plastic products. For clothing, seek out companies like Patagonia who are known for making clothing out of low-impact material. When shopping for lotions, soaps, or holiday candles, look for products made with organic ingredients that use essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances.

Not only are they better for you, but natural materials and ingredients don’t leach harmful chemicals into the earth. Win for everyone, that is what we are looking for.

3. Does it give back?

Watch your friends and family’s faces light up when you tell them how their gift helped to clean up the planet or gave back to a community in need. When you choose a gift with a charitable impact, your gift goes further than just to one person. Look for companies that take a stand to donate to nonprofits, plant trees, or clean up our ocean with every perchance. Like Tentree. Their company plants ten trees for every item that is purchased. How awesome is that! It’s a gift that will just keep on giving.

4. Does it tell a story?

When you shop with companies that are truly proud of their products, they will want to tell you everything about the product– from sustainable features to eco-friendly packaging. Look for companies that make sustainability part of their mission. Don’t just stop at the words “eco”, “green” or “natural” though, try to find what actually makes their products great for the planet.

Are they using organic or sustainably harvested materials? Not only does a sustainable story mean your product is probably better for the planet, but it’s also more enjoyable to share a gift you feel a connection to!

For example, Bestowed Essentials is based out of an energy-efficient van, where the founder, Callee, hand mixes and pours her soaps and bath soaks and packages them in zero waste and bio-based packaging.

5. What’s it wrapped in?

Americans throw away around 25% more trash between Thanksgiving and New Years than they do throughout the rest of the year. Think: wrapping papers, unwanted gifts, leftovers, decorations... you name it, someone is probably throwing it in the trash. One area you can really cut down on your waste is by saying no to unnecessary product packaging.

Look for products packaged in recyclable or compostable options like boxes, newspaper, brown craft paper, and maybe even normal gift-wrapping paper that doesn’t have glitter or metallic foil on it.

To wrap this video up in a nice little package for you, the underlying message is to simplify and make your gifts more meaningful. Look for quality over quantity, and make sure there’s a reason behind your gift. From the gift to the packaging, simple can go a long way!

Thanks for reading and hope to see you next week.

Take care of yourself <3




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