Is it your favorite snack too? |How-to Fall Flavored Popcorn

Today, I’m looking popcorn. Is it clean? Is it sustainable? Is it delicious?

Popcorn is perhaps the world’s oldest snack food. It has been enjoyed around the world for thousands of years because

  1. It’s easy to cook.

  2. It can be seasoned a hundred different ways.

And when I say thousands of years, I mean people have been making popcorn for at least 5 and half thousand years. The oldest popcorn known to date was found in New Mexico around the same time as World War 2. So, when the world was in chaos, two scientists were digging around in bat caves in New Mexico. They discovered small heads of corn and several individual popped kernels. Through carbon dating the popped kernels turned out to be 5,600 years old. That’s like Ancient Egypt time.

As colonists began moving to North America, they adopted the popular Native American snack food. Not only was popcorn eaten as a snack, but it was also reported to have been eaten with milk and sugar like a breakfast cereal. Popcorn was also cooked by colonists with a small amount of molasses, creating a snack similar to today's kettle corn.

Our ancestors were loving the popped stuff, and since then, love for popcorn has grown extensively. Today, Americans eat approximately 17 billion quarts of popcorn every year, and that number just keeps growing.

What is popcorn?

Popcorn is a special type of corn that “pops” when it is exposed to heat. At the center of every kernel is a small amount of water that expands when heated. It eventually caused the kernel to explode.

You may not realize it, but popcorn is a whole grain food and is naturally high in several important nutrients. Also, it is high in polyphenol antioxidants. Meaning it can help protect our cells from damaging free radicals which can improve digestion and blood circulation AND reduce cancer!

Despite all of popcorn's healthy qualities, the way it is prepared can greatly impact its nutritional quality. When air-popped, it is naturally low in calories and you get all the benefits of the corn. But when it is ready-made and is loaded with fat, salt, and sugar, it can be very harmful to your health. So, it can be either super healthy or super unhealthy depending on how you prepare it.

And today, you’re in luck! I’m going to show you how to make it deliciously healthy!

Start with some freshly made air-popped popcorn. While this is popping, start making the seasoning. For the size of this batch, I’m going to use ¼ cup of unrefined coconut oil. Coconut oil has a butt-load of healthy benefits, but just don’t eat too much. Everything in moderation, right? Also, oil helps lubricate your digestive system. Which makes things process through your body a little easier. So secret tip for you, never skip on the oil if you feel a little plugged up.

I like to melt the coconut oil in a pot on low just enough so it is liquid. Then add in 2 tablespoons of local honey. Honey is another one of those foods with a butt-load of healthy benefits. Here again, just don’t eat too much. Whisk the honey into the oil so it is nice and smooth.

Now that we have the base down, lets add in the fun flavors. I’m going to add 2 drops of clove vitality oil (this has a spicy, warm flavor and can strengthen your immune system), 2 drops of cinnamon bark vitality oil (this is warm and comforting and can boost brain function and blood circulation), and 2 drops of orange vitality oil (which is citrusy and can make you happy). Whisk that all up and then drizzle over the popcorn.

Then use a spatula to mix the popcorn up to distribute the seasoning. And Done! You can now enjoy this deliciously healthy popcorn snack without any guilt. You’re welcome.

We’re all human, we all get hungry, and snaking is sometime necessary. At the end of the day, popcorn can be a pretty clean alternate to other snacks if it’s done right. If you buy your popcorn in bulk at the grocery store and air-pop it, it can also be a pretty sustainable snack as well with no waste. With the hundreds of different seasoning combinations, you are bound to find one that is delicious to you.

Thanks for reading and go enjoy some popcorn!

Take care of yourself <3




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