Why You Need More Glass In Your Life

Glass is one of the best materials on Earth, and you need more of it in your life. Watch the video to learn a little history about glass, the future of glass, benefits of glass, and most importantly, why glass fits a clean, sustainable lifestyle perfectly.

Glass is everywhere. But what is it?

Glass is a combination of sand and other minerals. When melted together at extreme temperatures (2600-2800F or about 1500C) it forms a material that has unlimited potential. Modern life would not be possible without glass.

Quick History of Glass:

  • Archeologists have found evidence of man-made glass dating back to 4000BC. This too the form of glaze used to coat stone beads.

  • The first hollow glass container was made 1500BC by covering a sand core with molten glass.

  • Glass making was considered an art and only the elite.

  • The first colorless glass was not produced until the 1st century AD.

  • The modern glass industry only started after Britain repealed their Excise Act (Glass Tax) in 1845.

  • However, it wasn’t until the first world war that glass became a part of the scientific sector.

  • Today, glass making is a modern, hi-tech industry.

  • Modern glass plants are capable of making millions of glass containers a day in many different colors.

Environmental Benefits:

  • Glass is an ideal material for recycling. Glass recycling is very good news for the environment.

  • Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity. Recycled Infinitively!

  • It saves used glass containers being sent to landfills.

  • Less energy is needed to melt down recycled glass than to melt down raw materials, thus saving energy.

  • Recycling also reduces the need for raw materials to be quarried, thus saving precious resources.

  • Glass is also reusable and can be used for homemade foods and bulk buying/storing, thus reducing the need to buy more plastic.

Glass is an A+ material in my mind. Perfect for living a clean, sustainable life.

Future of Glass:

There are many new and exciting uses for glass.

  • Photochromic glass uses UV rays to darken in the sunlight and become clear indoors or in the shade.

  • Electrochromic glass can tint on demand.

  • Thermochromic glass uses heat from the sun to tint windows when necessary.

  • Solar windows are fully transparent solar concentrators that turn windows/doors into photovoltaic solar cells.

Endless possibilities!

Fun Facts:

  • Recycled glass can be substituted for up to 95% of raw material. Which can also cut air pollution by 20%.

  • One ton of carbon dioxide is reduced for every six tons of recycled container glass used in manufacturing. WIN FOR CLIMATE CHANGE!

  • It can be made in nature. When lightning strikes sand, the heat sometimes fuses the sand into long, slender glass tubes called fulgurites.

  • Because nature is awesome, it can also produce glass from volcanoes. Intense heat of a volcanic eruption can fuse rocks and sand together to create a glass called obsidian. Early humans would use it for weapons likes knives.

  • The most valuable glass art object in the world is The Portland Vase. The suspect it was made by the Romans around 5 AD.

  • The beloved screw-top mason jar for canning was not produced until 1858. I love my mason jars!


How Justin and I use glass to live a clean, sustainable life:

Besides using glass for the obvious reasons like windows, technology screens, eye glasses, mirrors, etc., we make an attempt to use glass whenever possible. So all of our cups are glass and most of our storage containers are glass.

  • We reuse glass jars we get from the store (like a pasta sauce jar).

  • We always opt for the glass container if there’s a choice between glass or plastic.

  • We use glass to store our bulk foods.

  • We use glass to store our bath salts.

  • We use glass to store liquid soaps.

  • We use glass when using essential oils. Essential oils can stain and leave any odor in plastic, as well as eat away at the plastic.

Little Confession:

We still have some plastic containers around our home, but they are not our favorite items to use. However, we just haven’t gotten rid of them yet. They are on the list of items to still be replaced, but it is not at the top of our priority lists. Changing your lifestyle can take time.

End Note:

Glass is amazing and everyone should get on the glass train. BUT remember to recycle the glass when you are done using it!

Plus, glass is class, meaning it looks more elegant and sophisticated than plastic.

Plus, plus, it has a ton of great environmental qualities. Can it get much better than glass (a 100% infinity recyclable item)???

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a beautiful day and get more glass in your life.



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