Your medicine cabinet can reveal your secrets

Today, I’m talking about medicine cabinets and giving you a tour of mine.

Just recently, I read an article in National Geographic about people located all around the world and their medicine cabinets. Really cool article. And just like everyone knows, National geographic is known for its photos. The photographer for this article, Gabriele Galimberti, decided that he was going to ask the same question to everyone he meet during his travels.

The question was “Can I see what’s inside your medicine cabinet?”

Such a simple question, but your medicine cabinet can reveal your secrets and can be quite intimate. It can reveal your desires, and your wants, and your diseases. Right now, we live in a society that strives for ultimate health. Especially right now, with all those new year’s resolutions to be fit and healthy.

But, many of us go on this journey to ultimate health in the form of medicine. What’s in your medicine cabinet can showcase what you’re doing to be healthy. And healthy equals happy, right? Well, maybe. Many people make that assumption that if your healthy than your happy.

Back to the National Geographic, the articles points out that people tend to take pills to be stronger, to sleep more, to age more slowly, to prevent pregnancy, to aid anxiety or depression, etc. There is a pill for anything and everything. And the reason why people buy medicine or “hoard them” as the articles says, is because they are cheap or because more advanced medical care isn’t cheap, among many other reasons. But the underlying reason is that many of us seek happiness through chemistry and the faster it works, the better.

So, with the clean, sustainable lifestyle, the pillars are quality, minimalism, and nature. I have tried to make our medicine cabinet reflect this way of thinking. And this way of thinking is NOT “the faster it works, the better” scenario. This way of thinking is more along the lines of holistic health.

To put that in perspective: you can either build the well BEFORE your thirsty or AFTER your thirsty. Holistic health is building a really nice deep well that has clean water before your thirsty. This means you do everything you can to NOT get sick. This also means our medicine cabinet is filled with items to help prevent illnesses and also it means, our medicine cabinet is not in one place. It’s scattered throughout our whole house.

And to make things easy, I have tried to collect everything from around house to show you what we have for our “medicine”. Or let’s just say to aid our health. These items reveal our health secrets to you. Do not judge. You do you. We do us. Alright, let’s see what I have here. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Thank you so much for watching this video, I hope to see you next week too. I encourage you to take a look at your own medicine cabinet and see how it reveals your health secrets. Maybe ask yourself if there is anything you would want to change.

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