Why Farmers Make the World Go Round

As you might know, before we domesticated plants and animals, humans survived completely off of hunting, gathering, and fishing. This was a looonng time ago. We have on record that the very first seeds were planted about 11,500 years ago. The first animals were about a thousand years later.

Let’s think about that for a second, one thousand years. That is a long time. ONE THOUSAND YEARS. If you really think about it, it took our ancestors that long to say “Hey, we should domesticate animals too!” I’m just thinking back to like a group of people sitting around a campfire. You know rubbing their sore muscles after a long day of tracking and chasing a herd of sheep. And one guy just being like, “Hey, dudes. Hey. If we like, um, figure out how to block in these fast fluff balls that provide us with delicious meat, we wouldn’t have to run after them all the time.” And everyone else around the campfire would look at him like he’s slightly crazy, but has maybe a good idea.

These very monumental ideas changed the world in which live. It really is the reason for everything we have. That first seed that was intentionally planted and those first animals that were purposely domesticated changed our world and our earth forever. Agriculture is the foundation of our civilization. It freed people up to think about something other than the basics. It allowed our ancestors to move past thinking about where their next meal is going to come from and make new discoveries.

Everything you see today can be accredited to agriculture. Think about that for a second. We would have nothing we do today if we did not have agriculture. Our society would be completely different, and many of us would not be here because reproduction is hard and just means more mouths to feed. Agriculture allows us to feed lots of mouths.

However, there are some cons to this. The cons are that we have overdone it. We have plowed up almost 99% percent of prairie in North America to make fields. And every day, more trees are cut down in the Amazon for ranching. It is no secret that farming and taking care of animals takes a huge toll out of the land. Between deforestation, habitat destruction, chemical pollution, soil erosion, wasteful water consumption, and now genetic erosion, agriculture has gone from a pinnacle part of our evolution to almost a burden.

And I say burden because like I said early where everything we see today can be accredited to agriculture, that also means our changing climate. Agriculture has made humans flourish, and this may be hard to take in, but humans are also very destructive. And when we have over 7 and a half billion people living on earth, everything we do in our daily lives makes a huge difference.

Yes, there are many cons to what agriculture has done to earth, but we would not be here with all of our technologies, medicines, and knowledge if it wasn’t for hard-working farmers who work endless hours to feed us. And to that, I say thank you to all of the farmers and ranchers out there making a difference. With every new discovery, our world changes and becomes better. Agriculture methods become more effective and productive with every new year. A win for everyone.

So, thank a farmer today because they are truly your best friend when it comes to eating. And if you don’t like to eat, well I’m sorry, you’re missing out on a lot of delicious food. I would like to thank my dad, Brian, because he is a corn and beans farmer in Iowa. His dedicated hard work to farming has always made appreciate how much time and effort goes into food and fuel production.

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day.

Take care of yourself <3


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