The Busy Boycott Birthday

Hi everyone, welcome back to Cut Fluff. My name is Kelsey, and it has been a year since I have “official” started Cut Fluff. So, WOO! Happy Birthday to Cut Fluff. Now, as you might know, Cut Fluff is all about developing your own a clean, sustainable life that helps you live a minimal and quality life with a strong connection to nature. It balances living a fresh, simple, toxic-free life with a life that can be maintained through many generations.

It is not just about the physical things, but it’s also about the mental and emotional weight that comes with life. And being able to let it go and break through old social formalities that hold us all back from living a care-free life.

This means breaking away from physical things that harm our world like plastic, fossil fuels, and chemical pollution. But it also means breaking away from mental and emotional things like greed, stress, and busyness. Now I can add a whole bunch of other items to both of those lists. But I’m going to focus one in particular today. And that is busyness.

Now as the leader of Cut Fluff, I have tried to take everything that I have learned about living a clean, sustainable life and have tried to apply it to my own daily life. I have to admit, that some days are harder than others, but I am pretty proud of myself and the progress that Justin and I have made within a year.

One thing that I have noticed is my busy level. You know what I’m talking about. The hustle and bustle of life and always being busy. You’re probably busy right now. The people around you are probably busy. Just everyone, busy, busy, busy, busy. Even thinking of the word, busy, make me anxious and feel like I should be doing at least five things at once. I feel like if your busy, the n I should be busy too.

But since I have started Cut Fluff, and getting used to walking my talk, my busy level has gone way down. It didn’t strike me until the beginning of this past summer when I ditched my lists. That’s right. The only list I have made all summer is my list for groceries. For those who know me, that is a big accomplishment, because, before this summer, my whole life was just lists. Lists for everything. If I wasn’t constantly crossing things off a list, I felt like a failure and I wasn’t doing enough.

But in the words of Courtney Carver, who is one of my idols and someone I look up to when thinking about minimalism, says “A busy life distracts us from what we really care about, and who we really care about. A busy life is all about proving ourselves, piling it on, catching up, falling behind, and waking up tired to do it all over again.”

Basically, a busy life is exhausting and leaves you empty. So, I’ve learned that it’s not worth it to live a busy life full of unfulfilling actions. It is so freeing to feel not busy. However, when other people are busy around me, I still get a little bit of anxiety and stress from their busyness. Which proves, that your busyness rubs off unto others who might already be really stressed or who are trying to de-stress from their own busyness.

Now, if you feel like you are really busy and are ready for a change and need some help, I encourage you to join Courtney Carver’s Busy Boycott Challenge. It starts September 10th of this year, and she does an amazing job at explaining the pros and cons of being busy and how to not be busy with weekly challenges.

This year she is also doing live weekly videos to answer questions. It totally free and totally worth it. I did her challenge last year, and it helped me get to where I am today. There is also a Private Facebook Group with the weekly challenges. I will be doing the challenge again this year, so come join me in the group!

Click here to join us for the live (free) Busy Boycott Challenge. Over the course of three weeks, you will challenge your busyness, and make time for what you really want.

If you are too busy to participate then you really need the Busy Boycott challenge. Thank you all for reading my post today. I hope to see you next week. Again, I’ll be at the Minnesota State Fair this Saturday, so come find me! I hope you have a beautiful day and try to relax and not be busy. Read a book, hug your kids, take a walk, kick back in a hammock, pet a puppy, or just do nothing and stare and just breathe. Alright, that’s your assignment, take care of yourself.


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