4 Sustainable gift ideas to give this holiday

Today, I’m going to go over 4 sustainable gift ideas to give your family and friends this holiday.

This post plays on last week’s video about the 5 questions to ask while shopping for gifts. I’ll place a link on this video for you to hop over to that one if you haven’t seen it yet. The gist of it is to simplify and make your gifts more meaningful. Look for quality over quantity, and make sure there’s a reason behind your gift.

With that said, all 4 of these ideas are based on giving your family and friends gifts that don’t add to their environmental footprint. What does that look like? How can you have a low-impact holiday where gifts are concerned?

1. Give an experience or a membership!

To start with, you could give the gift of an experience or a membership. Most entertainment places have a way to gift a gift certificate to their experience. For instances, give a family with children tickets to the zoo, a museum, a theme park, a play zone, a children’s theater, the movie theater, etc. You get the idea. For adults, maybe give them the gift of a membership to something you know they will enjoy like indoor rock climbing, bowling club, an art studio, a yoga, CrossFit, or weight training class, or maybe a year membership to a landscape arboretum.

For this gift to work and be valuable, you have to know the person or the family that is receiving the gift. That is one important aspect of gift-giving in general though. Who should get a gift? Should everyone get a gift? My harsh answer to that question is no. Yes, to maybe friends and family that you personally know and care about, but to everyone else, NO. Hard no. Save your money. They don’t want the gift anyway. You don’t know them, and they don’t know you. Don’t make things awkward.

2. Give a non-profit a donation gift!

If you are really in that giving mood and just want to spend money on something, then donate money as a gift to a non-profit or to a shelter with people who are having a really hard time this year. What’s the difference between giving to strangers in the office and to strangers who really need it?

3.Give durable and high-quality gifts!

On to idea number 3, you could give durable and high-quality gifts. This is for people who want to give a tangible gifts to family and friends. Skip the cheap, single-use plastic gifts that are so unoriginal it hurts. If you are going to give someone one of those, then just don’t give a gift at all. Don’t be that be that person. Be the person that gives one gift, that is the best gift that that person will continue to use forever.

Whatever the thing is that you are buying for someone, make sure it is durable and high-quality. So, made from metal, wood, glass, organic cotton, or other reusable and natural materials that will withstand time or have a low-impact on the environment. A good website to get some ideas is EarthHero.com. They all sorts of gift suggestions for everyone.

Also, for this tangible gift, makes sure it is something that they actually want. It can still be a surprise, but make sure it holds value to that person.

4. Re-gift or make DIY gifts!

The last idea I have for you is to re-gift or make DIY gifts. It’s a fact that about 60% of Americans will admit that they receive unwanted gifts during the holiday. This year, tackle unwanted gifts in a few ways: starting with making it clear with friends & family what you do want to receive, and then re-gifting things in your own life you don’t need.

When you make it clear to others that you don’t want “just stuff” for Christmas, you’ll likely end up with less “unwanted” items at the end of the season. Then, for the presents you’ve already been given and don’t love, see if anyone in your life would appreciate the re-gift. If not, check with local shelters and organizations to see if it is an item they could use!

When it comes to DIY gifts, there is truly no shortage of options for everyone in your life. From making your own personal care products like lotion or lip balm to simply planning a weekend trip for the special someone in your life. “Do it yourself” gifts are becoming more popular because of the love and effort that was put into the gift.

So, to wrap it up, the gifts you give this holiday season could be very low-impact on Earth. It just depends on how and where you send your money. If the person that is receiving the gift is not grateful or excited, then maybe you either need to get to know them better. Or perhaps they don’t deserve your love.

Thanks for reading. Have a beautiful day.

Take care of yourself.

Peace <3

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