Guided Yoga Meditation: Do Less and Be More

These words are packed with meaning. But what do they mean to you? What does doing less mean to you? What does being more mean to you?

To me, doing less means to have less on my “to do” list. I have a problem with filling my imaginary plate to the brim with stuff.

If life was a thanksgiving dinner, my plate would be filled with every food. The pumpkin pie would be placed on top of the potatoes. The cranberry sauce would be touching the pickles. Everything would be a jumbled mess with all the flavors mixing together. The meal would be a disgrace. At the end, I would feel stuffed and miserable.

In real life, this means that every day I pack as many things into one day that I can. I never say no because I learned as a child that saying “no” could lead to miss opportunity. However, this has gotten me into a huge predicament. My life is now stuffed, and I feel miserable.

It’s time to say no. No to all the little side jobs that muddy my potential to be great. I am exhausted, and I’m only 25. I shouldn’t be exhausted. I should never get exhausted. I need to do less. I need to do less complaining. Do less messing around with things that don’t matter. Do less activities. Say no to busyness.

It’s time to be more me. It’s time to be more patient. It’s time to be more relaxed. It’s time to feel the air on my face and the sun beat off my skin. Its time to stop and actually f*** smell the flowers and not think of anything else besides, “Wow! Isn’t it a great time to be alive?”

Life is huge. The world is huge. It’s time to enjoy the time we have. Life is short, but filling it up with being “busy” doesn't help. It just makes life shorter and less beautiful.

I want to live life to the fullest, but I want it to be beautiful, simple, and satisfying. No more over-stuffing my imaginary plate.

Watch the fun little video I made to work the saying "Do Less, Be More" into your life. Enjoy!

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