Why Use Clean, Sustainable Essential Products

Using clean, sustainable essential products for your well-being will help dramatically reduce your ecological footprint on Earth in a super simplified way. An ecological footprint is the measurement of your impact on the environment, and it is expressed as the amount of land required to sustain your use of natural resources. Calculate Your Footprint - You May Be Shocked [website] We are destroying Earth and our health with our lifestyles. Everything we consume affects the natural environment and our precious resources. Furthermore, most of the items we consume are centered around our health. ​ We love our health. We love to be clean. Essential everyday products are a huge part of our everyday lives. Unfortunately, every day we use products on our bodies that damage our health and our Earth. It is easy to buy harmful products from stores that don't care about us and hard to determine which products will actually benefit us. ​ The average person applies over 300 chemicals a day to their body just through soaps, makeup, shampoo, and body care products, but it doesn't stop there. All those chemical-filled products are polluting our air, water, and soil systems, not to mention their harmful extraction, manufacturing, advertising, and selling productions. We are directly destroying our natural environment and ourselves by using these "essential" everyday products that help us be "healthy". ​ It's SO Simple! Buying and using clean, sustainable essential products such as, Young Living Essential Oils, is an easy way of cleaning up your lifestyle and the environment. You are guaranteed to have the highest quality ingredients that are good for you and for Earth when purchasing essential products from Young Living.

The Young Living Difference [website]

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