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I'm Kelsey, a graduate from the Masters of Education in Natural Science and Environmental Education program at Hamline University in Minnesota, USA. 


Even though I grew up in a tiny town in Iowa, the world has always been at my fingertips. My school and life teachers have encouraged me to "reach for the stars" and never hold myself back from my dreams. 

This is where many people fall short. They put up limits and boundaries on their own skills and talents. They fill themselves up with doubt and fear. They kill their dreams before they come to fruition. 

This was me, but not anymore! 


Why Cut Fluff?

Cut Fluff is about cutting the excuses we tell ourselves and the lies we are told.

Every day we make excuses why we don't do something (i.e. exercising or eating healthy). We're too tired-scared-lazy-busy. It's too complicated-expensive-time consuming.

Can you think of any more?

And every day we are told lies from greedy companies who only have financial interests. These companies muddy the sea of information that is available to us with marketing and faux promises. Who can we really trust?

By Learning More

By learning more about Cut Fluff,

you are joining the movement towards better health for yourself and for the environment.


To educate and inspire individuals to create their own clean, sustainable lifestyle to lower their impact on Earth. 

We need to do everything in our power to lower our impact on Earth. It is said that if the global population reaches 9.6 billion by 2050, the equivalent of almost three planets will be required to sustain current lifestyles. If we don't act immediately to change our consumption and production patterns, we will cause irreversible damage to our environment.

Climate change is caused by human activities and is threatening the way we live and the future of our planet. By addressing climate change, we can build a sustainable world for everyone. 

Acting now is key.

Thankfully millions of people have already started the revolution to clean, sustainable living.

It is now time for billions.

What is a Clean, Sustainable Lifestyle?

The clean, sustainable lifestyle is a combination of consuming less but buying quality items when needed and is stemmed in having a deep connection to nature. The lifestyle can be molded around anyone.


free from pollutants or unpleasant substances. (PURE, FRESH, SIMPLE, QUALITY, TOXIC-FREE, NATURAL, HEALTHY, FRILUFTSLIV)


able to be maintained at a certain rate or level. (MINIMALISM, LEAVE-NO-TRACE, ZERO-WASTE, LIVABLE, NECESSARY, FEASIBLE, MINDFUL)


the way you live from day to day.


3 Components of Lifestyle


Strong connection with nature.


Less is more.


Better is better.


Everything is connected and has synergy. From the foods we eat to the product we put on our bodies, to the air we inhale, to the way we interact with nature, we are connected to everything. The objects and people around us really do make a difference in our emotional, physical, and spiritual states. 


Objects and people filled with optimism, authenticity, and integrity create a surrounding positive aurora which is easy to gravitate towards. It makes us feel good.


Our Earth is beautiful yet complex. There are many mysterious still to be uncovered. Science is always changing due to new discovers about our world. When science changes, our society's outlook on life change. We now understand that everything we consume comes from Earth in some capacity. When we destroy Earth,  we destroy ourselves. 


Our impact on Earth does matter. The things we use on a daily bases do matter.


We should tread lightly and take advantage of positive consumerism.


Support Me

To support Cut Fluff, watch my YouTube videos, purchase items off my Amazon Links, take classes in my academy, become a member of my Young Living family, or donate directly.

Any income made through Cut Fluff is split up.

 50+% is donated to organizations that support environmental action.

40+% grows my small business.

Less than 10% supports my family.


It is NOT about the money for us, it is about helping others be educated and inspired to save our world.

Exception: 100% of PayPal direct donations to Cut Fluff go into making new content. Thank you!

Total Donation: $402.50

Donated to:
 - Audubon Center of the North Woods (April 2017)
- Climate Gen: A Will Steger Legacy (May 2017)
- Climate Reality Project (June 2017)

- Great River Greening (August 2017)

- Arbor Day Foundation (September 2017)

- Eagle Bluff Enviro. Learning Center (Oct 2017)

- Conservation Corps of MN & IA (Nov 2017)

- MN Environmental Fund (Jan 2018)

- Three Rivers Park District (Feb 2018)

- Minnesota Land Trust (Mar 2018)

- Warner Nature Center (April 2018)

- Save the Boundary Waters (May 2018)

- Sierra Club North Star Chapter (June 2018)

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