Today, I’m going to review Reusable Lunchskins bags. You can purchase them off Amazon ( Amazon Affiliate) or their website for about twelve dollars.

I’m reviewing this product today because they help you lead a sustainable life because the company...

Today, I’m talking about medicine cabinets and giving you a tour of mine.

Just recently, I read an article in National Geographic about people located all around the world and their medicine cabinets. Really cool article. And just like everyone knows, National geographi...


Today, I’m scraping the surface of ASMR which stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

ASMR is an experience characterized by a tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the tip of your head and moves down the back of the neck and up...

Today, I’m going to go over 4 sustainable gift ideas to give your family and friends this holiday.

This post plays on last week’s video about the 5 questions to ask while shopping for gifts. I’ll place a link on this video for you to hop over to that one if you haven’t...

We have now entered into the season of gift giving and so today, I’m going to go over the five questions you should ask yourself when shopping for gifts. Karen is going to help me out today with the questions.

1. Will they use it?

It can be tempting to shower friends and...

Today I’m going to lead you in a visualization color exercise. This is a mindful meditation that takes you through the seven colors of the rainbow and in return you will receive the sense of feeling balanced and whole. Let’s get started.

Start by finding a relaxed and c...

Today I’m taking a closer look at the importance of sustainability.

Now, the title of this video is “Is sustainability really THAT important?” Since Cut Fluff is all about living a clean and sustainable life, you can probably assume my over arching answer to that questi...

Today, I’m looking popcorn.  Is it clean? Is it sustainable? Is it delicious?  

Popcorn is perhaps the world’s oldest snack food. It has been enjoyed around the world for thousands of years because

  1. It’s easy to cook.

  2. It can be seasoned a hundred different w...

It’s that time of year, again, where all the spooky things come out of hiding. And one scary thing that is VERY scary is the realization that it is impossible to escape …. Plastic. I know. I know. I’m sorry that I scared. I’m sure your bones are shivering in your skin...

Today I’m delving into the “other 3%” of climate change scientists. 

Now, it is said that 97% of all climate change scientists claim that earth is, in fact, changing because of humans and is becoming a problem. But what about the other 3%? Why do those scientists deny c...

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5 questions to ask while shopping for gifts

November 30, 2018

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