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Love Yourself  ~ Love Nature

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Oil companies have been denying climate change for decades saying that all climate science is bogus and fake. So, did this come as a surprise when they recently flipped their opinion? Hell-Yes!

Why the change? And why now?  

Let’s start this conversation with the fact th...

Justin and I have been debating about minimalism being a form of laziness. Justin says it’s not, but I say it is. What do you think? Let’s cut this fluff.

Today, I’m talking about minimalism and laziness.

Justin's side:

Justin, my husband, says the two are not related. He...

Have you played the 30-Day Minimalism Game yet? Because I have and this what I learned. Let’s cut this fluff.

Today, I’m reviewing the important lessons I learned while playing the 30-Day Minimalism Game. Now, I would consider myself to be a minimalist already. If you l...

Today, I’m taking a closer look at cleaning the home with essential oils. Inside our homes lay some of dirtiest surfaces such as the whole kitchen, knobs, handles, switches, etc. Pretty much anything you touch on a daily basis is an infestation of bacteria. But the kic...

Are your healthy snacks really that healthy? I’m going to go over 4 common snacks that people label as healthy but are a complete lie. Let’s cut this fluff!

Who loves snacking?? ME!

I absolutely love snacking. If I could just snack all day without eating full meals, I wo...

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November 30, 2018

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