Kelsey Depew

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Environmental Educator
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Cut Fluff is about cutting the excuses we tell ourselves and the lies we are told about our world and our health. As we destroy our world with abrasive consumerism and pollution, we destroy ourselves and all of Earth's beautiful creatures. Things need to change. We need education and action.


The Cut Fluff name was conceived one morning on my grueling commute to work. The saying, "Cut the crap!" (an offensive way of telling someone to stop saying things that are not true), kept replay in my mind. I'm tired of all the excuses and misconception I hear about our Earth and our wellness.

Cut Fluff also refers to cutting ties with clutter, toxic relationships, and even negative habits that lower our intentions to live a life with joy and purpose. We all deserve to be free and happy. Letting go of the negative buildup around you and creating your own clean, sustainable life can help you achieve that goal.

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Love Yourself  ~ Love Nature

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